Todd Hansen began his racing career when he was 16 but his race for a healthy life started when he was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at 13-months. Now 27 years old (and son of Bill Hansen) Todd has added his voice to the network of individuals telling others with diabetes that you can do “anything you set yourself out to do”.

Todd was encouraged by his parents to be a “regular and active” kid and to allow his natural talents to develop. As a child, teenager and young adult Todd has pursued sports and athletics. He played hockey and baseball and has become an avid outdoorsman. When he was exposed to racing in his teens (through Bill’s racing of open-wheel sprint cars), he also caught the desire to pursue racing.

When Todd started racing, he competed on short tracks – winning numerous races. He has proven to be skilled as a driver and a competitor.

Todd has competed in two professional leagues — ASA Midwest and ARCA (a league from which many in NASCAR have competed). Todd has the support of his family and a network of friends.

Todd has supported other diabetes organizations and has inspired many youngsters with diabetes and their families. He has shown youngsters who love racing but have the fear they will never be able to participate in the sport. Todd has proven that “it can be done”.

Todd is an example of someone who says ‘diabetes is just something to deal with a few times a day’. He has often said he is in control and won’t let it get in the way. Todd manages his diabetes well — allowing him to race on some of America’s largest and fastest speedways — where speeds often approach 200 MPH – and on summer days where temperatures on the track are 100 degrees (and higher in the car)! As Todd’s mom once said: “if it weren’t for advances in modern insulin product, Todd wouldn’t be able to race”.

Todd and Hansen Motorsports are grateful for the medical and pharmaceutical advances… but want to see the day a cure is announced. Todd and his team support activities that raise money for research. Todd’s ability to inspire and motivate helps him reach out to families with kids who also want to “achieve their dreams”.





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