The Hooten family is a racing family – with three children racing in the NHRA Junior Dragster Program.

In the Hooten family, father (Tom Hooten) is type 1 – as are his sons Nick and Tyler. Nick is a seasoned junior dragster about the graduate to adult leagues in one more year.  Tyler who seemed to “just complete his rookie year” in 2009 is poised to start his 4th season in 2012.  Their younger sister Julia (who is also Type 1) also races in the Junior Dragster program and just completed her 7th year!  On occasion, she came up in a head-to-head race with one of her brothers in 2011.  Obviously each sibling hopes to win and advance, but when one doesn’t, they pitch in to help the winning sibling continue competing the rest of the day.

This is a family that sticks together. They work as a team by preparing for races and sharing parts, tools and know-how. All three “boys” and Julia expertly manage their diabetes using insulin pumps. They don’t let diabetes get in the way and lead what they consider a “normal life” – but “exceptional lives” to anyone else who knows them! They are committed to winning on the track … and in the race to beat diabetes.

Mom (Denise Hooten) is a huge supporter of programs that focus on diabetes research – and events and activities that bring youngsters with diabetes together to learn how they can manage their disease and pursue their life’s ambitions. Denise is a tireless fund raiser and advocate for anyone with juvenile diabetes.

This is active family takes life “head on” … and was one of the first to join the network of supporters for Juvenile Diabetes No Limits Foundation.

JDNL UPDATE:  In addition to Nick’s story about winning a Wally award, he ended the season winning TWO Wally’s.  A major accomplishment for a young man about to graduate from high school, move on to bigger competition in drag racing and pursue a career in fire fighting and emergency responding.  The Hootens are tireless supporters of efforts to help people with diabetes “Achieve their Dreams.”


Hooten Family Racers3

Hooten Family Racers

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Tyler Hooten


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